Certified Gas Fitting Services In Abbotsford & The Fraser Valley

Gas Fitting AbbotsfordGas Installation Services

We also offer gas installation services:

  1. Washer and Dryers.
  2. Cooktops, Ovens and Stoves.
  3. BBQ gas lines
  4. Gas water heaters
  5. Gas furnace
  6. Underground gas lines
  7. Commercial gas lines

Gas Stove Installation

At Sullivan Plumbing & Heating in Abbotsford, we are fully qualified, insured and certified to install all natural gas appliances & gas lines in the Greater Vancouver Area. Every gas stove that we fit is installed to the highest of standards, for both energy efficiency and safe use throughout the years to come.

BBQ gas line repair and installation that is safe

BBQ Gas line installation begins with an analysis of the site to determine where the barbecue should be located. Sullivan Plumbing & Heating will promptly assist and establish the best location for the barbecue installation which will allow for efficient gas line installations. Afterward, the gas line will be connected to your existing gas line and attached to your barbecue. As your Abbotsford gas fitter, we have the skills to get the job done.

A natural gas grill upgrade is not an easy decision. The system involves re-plumbing a gas line to the grill site, building a grill bay or island, and building a patio area to accommodate the grill.

Some of the parts that are needed for a BBQ gas line installation may already be in place, but changes to complete the system may be required. It is important to remember that the BBQ gas line installation project needs to be well planned and done by qualified professionals.

Mistakes and common safety issues with BBQ Gas Line installations:

Gas Line leaks or gas line not to code or do you have a gas tag from technical Safety BC? Need a repair to gas line? Having your backyard grill means you can enjoy barbecuing whenever you want. As an opportunity to install your ideal grill rarely occurs every day, it’s important to do it right the first time.

BBQ Gas lines are economical, but they can also be dangerous. When gas lines are installed improperly, they can leak, putting you and your family at risk for poisonings and explosions. A professional should perform any BBQ gas line repair or installation to ensure safety and correct installation.

Gas line grills are convenient because you won’t have to run out to the store to buy charcoal or fill a propane tank. However, there are some things to consider before installing one. When planning for a gas line, be aware of these mistakes.

  • Budgets often get exceeded
  • Incorrectly positioned BBQ gas lines
  • Not checking if a permit is needed to install a BBQ gas line
  • Not becoming familiar with local restrictions
  • Taking the DIY route
  • Neglecting BBQ gas line repair and maintenance.

Natural gas grills have safety issues that all owners and users need to be aware of. If the gas line is left flowing without ignition for too long, it can create flammable gas that will burst into flames once it is ignited. Not turning off the gas when finished can also create a ball of gas that can light up with the system’s pilot light.

Furthermore, gas lines tend to leak over time when exposed to the elements. Therefore, unless the line is buried, it could pose an above-ground risk with older systems. Small children also need to be watched around the BBQ gas line. Just like the oven in the kitchen, it is advisable to use some type of system control lock.

Gas Leak Services in Greater Vancouver

A gas leak is one of the most dangerous problems to occur in any home, and if you suspect you have one, the first thing you should do is call a qualified plumber. Gas lines provide an uninterrupted supply of gas to your hot water heater, furnace, dryer, stove-top and in some cases, a fireplace. To keep your family safe, proper maintenance is of vital importance. A gas leak can cause a fire, explosion or carbon monoxide poisoning and for that reason, we don’t recommend homeowners work with gas lines as a DIY project.

It is important to use a licensed technician for any work related to gas lines.

Gas leaks are usually caused by faulty or poorly fitted appliances that haven’t been properly maintained – the gas escapes from the hose that leads into the appliance.

At Sullivan Plumbing & Heating, we have both the expertise and the equipment to fix any gas leak problem.

How To Deal With A Gas Leak

If you smell rotten eggs in your home, you may likely have a dangerous gas leak.

Follow these emergency procedures:

  1. Turn off the gas supply at the meter.
  2. Open all the windows and doors in order to get fresh air circulating through the home.
  3. Avoid using any light switches, or anything electronic, including your cell phone.
  4. Do not smoke or use matches.
  5. Leave your home if any of the windows are locked.
  6. Call a licensed gas fitter